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  Berlin Foundry and Machine Co.
Manual & Semi-Automatic Core Saw

Machine is designed for batch cutting.

Standard saw designed to cut cores 3in. I.D. up to 7-1/2in. O.D.

Machine can be designed to cut up to 17in. O.D. cores at an additional cost.

Standard saw designed to cut cores 2in. long up to 96in. long.

Standard saw designed to accept parent core length of 120in. long. Machine can be designed to accept longer parent core at an additional cost.

Core is fully supported by 3-1/2in. diameter aluminum rolls.

Cut length accuracy is +.005/-.005.

Carbide tipped blade 12in. diameter x .093 wide x 96 teeth.

Machine is fully guarded.

  Manual and Semi-Automatic Core Saw  
      Machine is run using Allen Bradley Micro Logic 1000.

Electrical Panel is U.L. inspected and comes complete with service disconnect.

Panel is wired for 480V three phase or 575V.

Motor for saw blade is a 5 H.P. motor.

Motor to turn core is a 1/2 H.P. motor with reducer.

Air requirement is 80 P.S.I.  
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