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    Berlin Fully Automatic Core Saw
  Operator Programs Length of parent core, length of cores to be cut and number of cores 8 to be cut, trim cut or no trim cut, all done using Allen Bradley Panel View 900.

Manual and Semi-Automatic Core Saw
  Machine is Designed for batch cutting. Standard saw design to cut cores 3" I.D. up to 7-1/2" O.D. Machine can be designed to cut up to 17" O.D. cores at an additional cost.

Internal Core Cutter
  Set length of core to be cut by moving length stop to proper position as marked on ruler. Turn on air using ball valve, start rotating unit 360 degrees by using handles. Once Core is cut shut off ball valve and pull unit out of core.

Beveling Machine
  Select core to be beveled and place in trough and slide it forward until it comes up solid against the core stop. Immediately the electric eye will see the core in position and signal the clamp segment to clamp down on core. Dolly will then advance core to the beveling head where core will be beveled. Dolly will come in contact with "depth of cut" L.S. #2 retracting dolly, once dolly has retracted, L.S. #1 will open core clamp. Operator will then remove core from machine.
  Fully Automatic Double Head Beveler
  Machine is fully automatic, comes complete with Core Escapement, automatic core length setting and core transfer to remove core from machine. Electrical enclosure is U.I. and C.S.A. approved.

Double Head Dado Notcher
  Clean-cut notches with NO damage to core, vacuum duct connection at cut point, adjustable dolly rides on Thompson bearings, sold as a stand alone machine and also with capping equipment.

Double Internal Notcher
  Two Station machine for notching 2 different sizes with no cutter changes, automatic length setting, 180 degree indexing device for making a double notch in-line on both ends of core, core escapement for feeding core to machine and a core transfer when used in an automatic capping line to feed notched core to next station and automatic length setting

Portable Internal Notcher
  Cuts bridge notches, vacuum duct connection at cut point, adjustable dolly rides on Thompson bearings, sold as a stand-alone machine and also with capping equipment.
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