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  Berlin Foundry and Machine Co.
Double Head Dado Notcher

Power: Specify 230/460/575 volts/3 phase/60 hertz

Motors: 2 ea. 3HP, 1800 RPM, 145T Frame, TEFC

Capacity: 3" I.D. Cores: 3/8", 1/2", and .660 wall cores

Cutters: 8in. Diameter Carbide tipped dado blades standard but 9� Diameter Available

Double Head Dado Notcher
Notch Size: 1/2" wide up to 1-7/8" wide

Notch Depth: 1 1/8" deep standard up to 1 7/8" deep using 9" Diameter Blades.
Double Head Dado Notcher Features: Clean-cut notches with NO damage to core, vacuum duct connection at cut point, adjustable dolly rides on Thompson Bearings. sold as stand-alone machine and also with capping unit.
Options: Two Station Machine for notching 2 different sizes with no cutter changes, automatic length setting, 180 degree indexing device for making a double notch in-line on both ends of core, core escapement for feeding core to machine and a core transfer when used in an automatic capping line to feed notched core to next station and automatic length setting. Double Head Dado Notcher
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