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  Berlin Foundry and Machine Co.
Double Internal Core Notcher
Double Internal Core Notcher

Power: Specify 230/460/575 Volts/3 Phase/60 hertz

Motors: 2 ea. 1 1/2 HP, 3600 RPM, 143T Frame, TEFC

Capacity: 3" I.D. Cores with .660" wall cores and 3" I.D.  with .375" wall cores.

Cutters: 3 3/8" Diameter 6-Tooth Carbide blades standard.

Notch Size: 13/16" wide is standard (Minimum of 1/4" up to 7/8" wide available).

Notch Length: Up to 2"  and is adjustable.

Features:  Cuts bridge Notches, Vacuum duct connection at cut point, adjustable dolly rides on Thompson bearings, Sold as stand-alone machine and also with capping equipment.

Options: Two Station machine for notching 2 different sizes with no cutter changes, automatic length setting, 180 degrees indexing for both device and making a double notch in-line on both ends of core, core escapement for feeding core to machine and a core transfer when used in an automatic capping line to feed notched core to next station and automatic length setting.

Double Internal Core Notcher
Double Internal Core NotcherDouble Internal Core Notcher
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