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  Berlin Foundry and Machine Co.
500 Series Notcher
500 Series Notcher

Capacity: Core from 3in. I.D. to 6in. OD and up to 16in. OD with optional equipment. Notch size from 1/4in. to 2in. wide and 1 1/8in. deep. Other depths available - consult factory.

Method of Operation: Place core over anvil and push and hold core against depth collar for one cycle then pull core off anvil, exchange ends and repeat.

Floor Space: Approximately 18in. x 20

  Description: Machine is a punch and die style machine for through-wall notching of paper mill cores, one end at at time. The single station design is standard. The machine runs continuously. Many types of notchers are available. We have a two station single notcher, a notcher with double notching on upper station and single notching on lower station.

Motor: 3/4 H.P. , 1800 RPM, 56 frame.

Electrical: Specify 230-460-575 voltage, 3 phase 60 Hertz (special electrical characteristics available on request).

Cycle: Machines run continuously at approx. 45 RPM.

Shipping Weight: Approximately 550 lbs.

Standard Equipment: Machine comes with 1 set of standard punch and die, 1 guard and reducer.
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