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    Single Station Dado Notcher
  Place core in through and push core into 8" diameter Blades. Berlin Foundry or Customer can Supply Vacuum.

500 Series Notcher
  Core from 3" I.D. to 6" OD and up to 16" OD with optional equipment. Notch Size from 1/4" to 2" wide and 1 1/8" deep. Other depths available- consult factory.

  Machine will press, prick punch, flare internal leg and crimp outside leg of Super K or NR-660 metal ends on 3" ID cores with .660" wall, will handle up to 10' long cores.  Machine can also install insert type sleeves.

Hydraulic Squeezer
  Notched core is inserted full depth to activate machine. The operator
the rotates it slightly for a second squeeze.

Portable Hydraulic Core Puller

  Machine is designed to pull caps of rolls of paper. Unit is portable and adjustable to accommodate different roll diameters.

The Hay Elevator
   This machine is designed to carry bales of hay from one floor to another.
Double Roll Slitter Unwind Back Stand
  Machine is used to convert film, poly wrap and paper products.

Tissue Banding Machine
New Paper Converting folder can deliver C-fold, S-fold or M-fold towels in bundles.

The Berlin Rock Screen

Core Carts
  Berlin Foundry Core Carts

We Now Fabricate
  High Pressure Showers for the paper industry.

Steam Boxes
  To apply steam to the super calendar applications in the paper industry.

Trash Racks
We fabricate Trash Racks for use in Hydro Dams.

Berlin Roll Splitter
  Hydraulically operated using one 8" bore hydraulic cylinder with cable system to guide replaceable hardened up and down. Machine comes complete with hydraulic power unit and controls. Machine is used for salvaging damaged rolls of paper.
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